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David A. Steele

Consultant & ISA Certified Arborist
Owner / Operator

Expert Witness (Trees & Landscape)

David A. Steele is a Consulting & ISA Certified Arborist — an authoritative expert on trees, and whose objective, comprehensive viewpoint ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees. David has an extensive level of knowledge and experience that makes him highly sought after by consumers, professionals, and other arborists.


✓ ISA Certified Arborist
✓ ASCA Consulting Academy Graduate
✓ Tree Risk Qualified
✓ Tree Risk Assessment
✓ Tree Appraisal and Valuation
✓ Tree Protection for Construction Projects
✓ Arboriculture Canada: Tree Appraisal Qualification
✓ Arboriculture Canada: Tree Disease Management
✓ Arboriculture Canada: Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques
✓ Arboriculture Canada: Tree Dynamics and Integrated Risk Assessment
✓ Municipal Forest Institute Graduate
✓ Journeyman Landscaper Horticulturist (B.C.)

✓ C.N.L.A. Certified Landscape Horticulturist Technician
✓ Pesticide Applicator
✓ Forensic Tree Investigations
✓ Member I.S.A. International Society of Arboriculture | Chapters: PNW-ISA, WC-ISA
✓ Member T.C.I.A. - Tree Care Industry Association
✓ Washington State University County Extension courses in tree and shrub diagnostics, disease and insects, and plant health care
✓ Electrical Hazards Awareness Program
✓ Wildlife Aware Graduate
✓ Master Gardener | VanDusen Botanical Gardens 


Crew Management
Managing crews and safety compliance and readiness for all jobs to be performed

All types of pruning, including thinning, crown raising, heading cuts, removal of dead and dying branches, crown restoration - rejuvenation and adherence to established pruning and best management practices

Journeyman status achieved: Province of BC. The art and science of cultivating ornamental plants, flowers, fruits & vegetables

Up to date knowledge and skills in tree Best Management Practices and ANSI Safety Standards, technical and scientific knowledge for the care of trees and other woody plants in the landscape

Hand Tools
• Operated machinery, ran chainsaws, used various hand tools for pruning and yard maintenance
• Use hand tools: chainsaw, hand saw, pruner to trim trees
• Operate basic hand tools and small equipment including saws, ropes, wood chippers, and stump removers
• Operated and used hand tools, heavy equipment, chain saws, prunes, clappers, and handsaws
• Operate various hand tools, including but not limited to, shovels, sledge hammers, rakes

Customer Service
• Maintain positive relationships with all customers, provided outstanding customer service
• Detail oriented Sales and Customer Service Experience
• Promote high standards for customer service, develop a safety culture, and create a positive team environment
• Provided excellent customer service including customer contact via face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, texts and emails

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